Root Canal Therapy

1.      Root canal treatment usually takes 1-2 appointments, depending on the conditions present in each case. 
During that time any of the following symptoms may be present: sensitivity to hot or cold, sensitivity to
pressure, or swelling.

2.      Some tenderness can be expected after each appointment. It is best to start taking either an
over-the-counter pain medicine (Advil or Motrin 200 mg. or Tylenol), or the pain medicine prescribed
to you. These are most effective if taken before the office anesthetic wears off.

3.      If an antibiotic has been prescribed to you, be certain to take it as directed. Be certain to finish
all the pills regardless of how well you feel.

4.      If swelling or pain is present after 2 days of your last appointment or is increasing, your medication
may need to be adjusted. Contact the office immediately.

5.      If your bite feels high or if pain occurs with light biting, your bite may to be adjusted due to inflammation
around the tooth. This is a short appointment. Please call the office immediately.

6.      A temporary filling has been placed in the tooth. This restoration is not very durable and is prone to
breakage or dislodgment if not treated carefully. Avoid sticky foods (gum, taffy, caramels, etc.), and
hard foods (chewing ice, nuts and hard candy).

7.      Floss your temporary restoration gently. Just clean and pull floss out to the side (do not bring
the floss up), so temporary filling will not "pop off".

8.      The tooth is often very weak during therapy. Avoid biting on hard objects until the tooth is properly
restored with a filling or crown after therapy is completed.

9.      Hot food or beverage can be harmful to anesthetized tissues. Please avoid drinking hot coffee, 
etc., until the numbness wears off.

Should you have greater than expected sensitivity, discomfort on biting, if your temporary filling becomes
loose or broken, please call the office immediately