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Root Canal Therapy – Buzzards Bay, MA

We Rescue Hurting Teeth & Keep Them Stable

Many patients want to run for cover when they first hear the words “root canal” in the dentist’s office, but this service’s bad reputation is definitely unfair. Root canal therapy is a very safe and highly successful procedure that eliminates dangerous bacteria from within an infected tooth, helping a damaged tooth avoid extraction and remain as part of your confident smile for years to come. If you are struggling with a bad “toothache,” don’t wait – contact Canal Side Family Dental today!

Why Choose Canal Side for Root Canal Therapy?

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

Model of the inside of the tooth

It’s possible for a dental infection to reach the delicate internal nerve of a tooth, and this usually causes quite a bit of pain. In order to relieve this pain and save the tooth, our team can provide a safe and effective root canal. We’ll simply remove the infected tissue from inside the tooth, sanitize the tooth, replace the tissue with a material called gutta percha, and then we’ll rebuild the enamel using a filling or dental crown (usually at a follow-up appointment). Thanks to modern-day dental techniques, this often-feared procedure is now no more painful than getting a small filling.

Understanding the Cost of Root Canals

Person using calculator to budget for the cost of root canal therapy in Buzzards Bay

The cost of a root canal in Buzzards Bay can vary from patient to patient. During your consultation, we will be able to provide a personalized price estimate. We will also assist you as you consider your payment options, such as financing and insurance. We want paying for your treatment to be as stress-free as possible!

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Factors That Can Affect Root Canal Cost

Relaxed dental patient learning about the cost of his treatment

A few factors that can influence the price of root canal therapy include:

  • The type and location of the tooth. Molars tend to be more complex and take longer to treat than front teeth, so they incur higher fees.
  • The overall complexity of the case. In most instances, we can perform root canal therapy right here in our office. Sometimes, though, we must refer patients to an outside specialist. Specialists often charge more than general dentists.
  • Additional services. Most patients need a crown after their root canal is completed. The restoration comes with its own cost which is in addition to the cost of the actual root canal procedure.

Is It Cheaper to Pull My Tooth?

Woman thinking, considering root canal vs. tooth extraction cost

Upfront, extracting a tooth costs less than root canal therapy. However, it is important to consider the long-term financial implications of any treatment you consent to. Following a tooth extraction, you should get the tooth replaced in a timely manner. Otherwise, you may face issues like a misaligned bite, dental drift, and future tooth loss. Replacing a tooth can be pricey, especially if you opt for a dental implant. Root canal therapy, on the other hand, is sort of a “one and done” treatment. It is often more affordable in the long run than an extraction.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Root Canals?

Person using computer to look up information about dental benefits

In most cases, yes, insurance covers root canal therapy. It can be classified as a minor or major procedure, meaning that anywhere from 40% to 80% of its total price might be covered, up to the amount of an insurance policy’s annual maximum. Our practice accepts payment from many insurance plans, and we will be happy to help you verify your coverage. We will even file claims on your behalf so you do not have to worry about the nitty gritty details of your benefits.

Other Options for Making Root Canal Therapy Affordable

Woman using card to pay for her dental treatment

In addition to helping you navigate your dental insurance, we offer a few provisions that may make it easier for you to afford root canal therapy:

  • Essential Dental Plan. This discount plan is easy to sign up for. It provides reduced fees on virtually all of the services available in our practice. It is ideal for patients without insurance.
  • We are partnered with CareCredit, a third-party lender that offers low-interest financing for dental services. The application process is fast, and most patients get approved for credit.

You should not let financial concerns hold you back from getting the treatment you need. Contact us as your emergency dentist in Buzzards Bay to learn more about root canal therapy and how we may be able to help you fit it into your budget.

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