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Understanding the Importance of Temporary Veneers

June 20, 2022

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Woman’s beautiful smile after temporary veneers in Buzzards Bay

Are you considering veneers as a way to hide your smile’s aesthetic imperfections and achieve the look you have always wanted? Certainly, they are a wonderful cosmetic option that can provide you with a decade or longer of gorgeous results. Before you begin to enjoy their long-term benefits, though, you will need to wear temporary veneers for a while. This blog post discusses why temporary veneers are an essential part of the treatment process.

They Protect Your Teeth

To prepare your teeth for veneers, your cosmetic dentist will remove a small portion of enamel from them. This is necessary because it helps the veneers adhere well to the teeth and prevents your final results from looking unnatural or bulky.

Removing the enamel may cause your teeth to feel unusually sensitive, and their appearance may be adversely affected. Temporary veneers protect your teeth from outside stimuli and help you to maintain an attractive smile throughout your treatment process.

They Give You a Preview of Your Results

Your temporary veneers can help you gain a realistic idea of what your permanent veneers may look like. If there is anything about them that does not fit your preferences, be sure to inform your dentist about your concerns. They will then be able to incorporate your feedback into the design of your permanent veneers.

For example, you may decide that the color of the veneers is not what you expected. You might also have notes about their length, width, or shape. Your thoughtful consideration, perhaps with the input of friends and family, can help you and your dentist to reduce the chances that you will be dissatisfied with your ultimate treatment results.

They Help You Adjust to Life with Veneers

At first, veneers may feel strange in your mouth. Wearing temporary veneers before getting your permanent ones will help you to adapt to speaking and eating with the restorations. Be sure to note if the veneers are a little too long; if they are extra-lengthy, they might cause a lisp, meaning that your permanent veneers will need to be a tad shorter.

What to Expect with Temporary Veneers

While temporary veneers are useful and can give you a realistic idea of what your permanent ones will look and feel like, there are some key differences between the two, such as:

  • Temporary veneers usually come in one piece, whereas permanent veneers are individually crafted for each tooth.
  • Temporary veneers may be thicker and made out of different materials than permanent ones.
  • Temporary veneers are more prone to damage and stains. You may have to adjust your diet in order to protect them.

Temporary veneers play an important role in your cosmetic treatment! To learn more about them and why they are necessary, visit your dentist. They will be happy to answer your questions.

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